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About Spanish Horses


Hispano-arabs (Andalusian cross Arab) are a strong, resilient type with great presence and beauty often bred for Doma Vaquera due to their strong quarters and ability turn on the haunches and accelerate at pace.  They make excellent all rounders and good endurance horses.  A Tres Sangres (meaning Three Bloods) is an Andalusian cross Anglo-Arab and is a cross favoured for the Bull Ring and Doma Vaquera: combining speed, height, beauty and strength.  Other notable crosses to be found are the Iberian horse crossed with Quarter Horse (also known as an Azteca) or a Percheron cross known as the Spanish-Norman, however, generally the Spanish are very loyal to the pure breed of their country and thoroughly devoted to securing its future.


*This research was based on a number of different sources including the IALHA, BAPSH, Conquistador Magazine and Horse and Hound Magazine.  See Information Centre for further reading.