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Meet Sophie Carver

Sophie Carver is a Registered PRE Breeder and member of the British Association for Pure Bred Spanish Horses (BAPSH) and the Asociacion Nacional de Criadores de Caballos Espanoles (ANCCE)

 Our satisfied clients' are our best recommendation

Spanish Horse Specialists is owned and operated by Sophie Carver who has been selling beautiful Spanish horses for over 15 years. Sophie is committed to offering you the most personal and professional service possible to help you find your dream Spanish horse. Her focus is on quality not quantity, selling incredible horses to happy clients and maintaining good relations all round, as a result we have an unsurpassed reputation in the business with zero complaints and a great deal of respect. With many years of experience living in Andalucia where she owned, bred and trained Spanish horses, Sophie is very keen to share her passion for Spanish horses with you.

Our service does not stop at the point of sale, it extends from sourcing the right horses to pre-purchase viewing and examination to exportation and we are happy to offer post-sales support. Many of our clients have become good friends and we love hearing their success stories and progress. Our clients' words (see References) and their actions through repeat business are our best recommendation and our motivation for doing the best job we can.

"Thank you so much for everything.  Your service is very professional. You truly went above and beyond!"

Sophie travels all over Spain and Portugal searching for good quality Iberian horses of varying levels of training.  Even with all the resources available, finding a quality healthy horse can be a difficult and time consuming process and at worst it can be an expensive, depressing and fruitless search. Sophie does this legwork for you. Experience has taught us that good horses come from good people. We source horses directly from respected breeders, private individuals and professional riders we know; we do not work with dealers and we think we are unique in this respect. We have developed exclusive relationships with many of the best breeders and trainers in Spain, as well as with some hidden away gems, so that we can offer horses of the highest quality, in excellent condition and trained in the classical way, from youngstock to Grand Prix dressage horses to our discerning client list.  

"Sophie took great interest in my personal wishes and ambitions and truly sought the real match in the horse."

We are based in the UK and do very regular sourcing and viewing trips to Spain, so please do not hesitate to contact us anytime and we would be happy to discuss details of your search and to answer any of your questions.  


WhatsApp: +44 (0)7300011221

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