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30.10.09 08:45 Age: 11 yrs

"Very, Very Happy, and then SOME!"

By: Sophie

black andalusian stallion

"Dear Sophie,

On behalf of Angelique (especially) and I, we would like to pass on our thanks and gratitude for finding our ideal horse.

We gave you quite specific requirements - he had to be Black (no white bits), Spanish PRE, Spanish High School or Dressage trained, and a ladies stallion with a great temperament. Rather than waste our time throwing loads of horse detals in our direction, you pointed us directly to Pinterero.

Not only was our first visit a success (with your excellent translation skills), we even figured out that left was right on the directions to the stables, but you came to find us, and the second visit was much easier.

Pinterero arrived yesterday and as promised his weight was correct, his temperment delightful, and sheer prescence felt by all.

He is everything we had hoped for, Angelique had wished for, and I had prayed for. A true Ladies Stallion, with a fantsatic bloodline, physical appearance, trained capability, but most of all, a temperament that even after two days, most of the "very experienced" people at the stables say is not possible from a Stallion, but we know it is, he stands in front of us every day - and at night when Angelique makes me take her to the stables at 12am to say goodnight!!!!! (and to check he is still there).

Truely, we wish to pass on our gratitude, thanks, and lots of hugs (Angelique again) for making one Lady here very, very, very happy, and then some! He's been here for 36 hours and we have had 6 visits already - usually for at least 2 hours!!!

Wishing you the very best, and hope all is well back in the UK.

James, Angelique, Vicky & Pinterero