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13.03.08 11:57 Age: 13 yrs

A Great Partnership

By: Sophie

PRE stallion

A Great Partnership! New photos of Annette and Pelayo - it has been wonderful to hear of their progress over the last year. Annette really has put a lot of hard work in and has taken a very beautiful Spanish horse and improved him incredibly in the last year or so.  It can often be the case that when you choose a Spanish horse in Spain, you can't explain exactly why that was THE horse, but you just had to have him.  Annette wanted a "dressage crack", Pelayo did not appear instantly to be dressage crack material when she viewed him in Spain, yet she knew he was the ONE and she has certainly proved that her gut instinct and a lot of hard work can make a great horse into an extra special horse.  Iberian horses respond exceptionally well to having a one-to-one relationship with their rider (something they often don't get in Spain) and it is important to understand this when deciding which horse to buy.  Some people want a ready made horse and others thrive off a vision of what they know they could achieve with a horse.  This pairing is a perfect example of how a wonderful connection, great commitment and hard work can really reap rewards. Good luck Annette for the forthcoming show season in Germany!

"For me personally it has been one of the greatest years in my life, because I found Pelayo - and that is thanks to you! As I said, words cannot express my gratitude for that, but I guess you feel how happy I really am!"