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Ride from the Heart - New Book from Spanish Horse Trainer and Breeder: Jenny Rolfe


'I can see how the horse becomes our mirror, reflecting our moods, state of calmness, integrity and sensitivity. The nature of the horse will always be to look to his herd leader for security and direction. This is our place in his world and the purpose of this book is to help you to establish and maintain this leadership, by learning to communicate with the horse’s mind. We should not seek to humanize the horse, but make it our responsibility to learn more about his ways.’


Ride from the Heart is essential reading not only for classical and competitive riders, but also all students and trainers who wish to work in harmony with their horses, to seek a better understanding and to learn a progressive system of teaching for both horse and rider. Whatever your level of training, this book will help to enhance and enrich your relationship with your horse so that riding becomes an art form based on mutual love and respect.


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Spanish Horse Books by Juan Carlos Altamirano


Juan Carlos Altamirano is a legendary afficionado of the Spanish Horse having dedicated his life to discovering the truth of their history, origins and essence, he has revolutionised the traditional history of the Spanish horse and enlightened and delighted many. 


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The Bocado Stud Farm - From Fantasty to Reality

In this research work on the Spanish horse, the author shows us in a well documented form the origins and history of horses of this stud farm, namely the specimens obtained, selected and improved. The book takes us back to the beginning of the 18th century to show us, in a detailed yet easy to understand form, the vicissitudes of these horses and of the different owners of this stud farm – the once Terry Stud Farm – considered to be one of the most important in history.



The Spanish Horse: The Evolution of its Morphology

This book shows us how the modern day Spanish horse was created, explaining the reasons hidden behind its morphology and its evolution through the centuries.



History and Origins of the Spanish Horse

The content of the book totally revolutionizes our knowledge of the origins of the Spanish horse. In its pages you will learn about the extraordinary project of a king, Philip II (1527-1588) of Spain, to create a breed of horses. You will discover the causes of the characteristics which define the morphology. You will be told why this breed of horses, which in its beginnings was only available to kings, noble and the clergy, is at present part of the cultural heritage of the Andalusian people, who for many years were unable to enjoy its qualities because of its high cost.

3rd Edition



The Book of the Brands

This Book of Brands is a curious and interesting piece of work that all equestrian fans will want to have on their bookshelves. To compile, differentiate and classify more than 6,000 brands is a task worthy of praise. This equestrian treasure has been possible thanks to the patience and steadfast research of Juan Carlos Altamirano. It is extremely instructive and reveals the unknown, original and very attractive world of brands used to mark horses.



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